Event Studio is a company dedicated to the production, design and assembly All kinds of events with more than 2 decades of experience.

  1. Design and decoration events
  2. Planning and coordination of
    social and corporate events
  3. Wedding & Event Planner
  1. Design and decoration events

    Our service. And event decorating is known over the years for being creative and realistic. We know the needs of our customers and based on a set of ideas we make an initial proposal.

    This unique design based on the personality of each client each event is special and should have the stamp of your hosts on it.

    The design of events includes a complete detail of elements with which we will work an economic proposal and a visual. We include complete plans of the work areas and a projection of the same.

    We elaborate a budget in detail to be able to define the initial investment together with our clients we work this budget adapted to the reality in each particular case.

    Through a work process, the pieces, the details, the flowers are chosen and the necessary tests are carried out to be able to have the elements defined for that great day.

    The assembly of an event is done in a few days, but through this planning we can unite these elements to perfection achieving a striking effect for our customers.

  2. Planning and coordination of social and corporate events

    With this service we offer to follow up on your event after the contracting of the services and suppliers.
    It is a tracking service that guarantees the unification of the suppliers of your event that includes:

    1. Revision of contracts from external suppliers.
    2. Agenda of the complete event and its submission to suppliers.
    3. Wedding rehearsal.
    4. Coordination of food and beverages prior to and during the event.
    5. Getting ready in case of weddings and a follow up from the beginning of the event until the final collection.

    The difference with the wedding planner is the time dedicated to the planning of the event, number of hours of work and meetings.
    The suppliers are contracted by the customer directly and their follow-up is their responsibility.

  3. Wedding & Event Planner

    The planning of events in general is based on several important steps.

    1. Management of the resources of our clients to be able to achieve the desired event at the desired cost.
    2. Handle the timeline, to be able to achieve an event in harmony and that each step is realized in its right place and space.
    3. Choose reliable suppliers to protect our customers and above all know which supplier is adapted to the needs of each one.
    4. Work the contracts of the suppliers to ensure a formal commitment to our customers.
    5. Effective communication between our clients and the rest of the team achieving balance between all and ensuring that the hosts are important and that our purpose is an event that reflects their feelings.
    6. Organization for the day of the event
    7. Handling of an hourly program without margin of error
    8. Complete assembly of the event.
    9. Control of the suppliers their deliveries and their collection.
    10. Make sure all the details that were planned are fulfilled.
    11. Bar controls
    12. Access for guests and lists of assignment of the same.
    13. Getting ready in the case of weddings
    14. Section of previous photographs
    15. Complete transportation coordination
    16. Staff at the service of planning fully equipped.
    17. Food and beverage control
    18. Full closing of the event
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